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Money Counting Machine – What Can It Do?

Money counting machines are a great convenience for many people. You may have seen banks using money counting machines and wonder exactly how they work and what they do.

A money counting machine may be able to count currency of both the paper variety and the coin variety. Therefore, if you own a small business or if you simply work at a job that pays in cash (such as a waiter or taxi driver, for example), then it may be convenient to have a money counting machine.

However, a money counting machine is not just a money counter, by any means.  Money counting machines are multi-functional these days, thereby offering individuals more features, bells and whistles than ever before.

If you are interested in buying a money counting machine, there are various features that you should consider. You can buy a no-frills money counting machine or you can obtain a larger, more industrial size with more design features.

The following is a list of possible features of today’s money counting machines:

  • Counting Speed – Depending on your needs and wants, some money counting machines are capable of counting up to 1,300 bills a minute. For hopper or stacker capacity, some of the larger machines can hold up to 200 new bills. Also be sure to look for continuous counting, batch counting and accumulation counting so the money counting machine can accommodate your different currency needs at varying times.

  • LED Display – The LED display of any money counting machine is important, as it will display all of your necessary information. The larger the LED display, the easier it will be to read the machine.

  • Counterfeit Detection –It is important to be able to detect counterfeit currency, so many of today’s best money counting machines offer counterfeit detection capabilities. Some of the counting machines use ultraviolet, magnetic, dimension and infrared features to detect fake bills.

  • Size and Weight – Unlike the money counting machines of yesterday, today’s machines are lightweight and compact, making the process of moving or storing the machine easy. Often times, today’s machines also feature easy-to-grasp carrying handles as well.

  • Second Remote Display – If you are counting currency for a customer, a second remote display, usually located on the other side of the machine, provides peace of mind for the customer.

  • Counting Sensors – Most money counting machines of today feature counting sensors, as well as micro-computerized mechanisms, to ensure counting accuracy.

  • Currency Counter Speed Adjustment – Many of today’s money counting machines offer variable speed adjustment. This feature allows you to isolate and remove unwanted bills (for damp, torn or otherwise undesired bills) at a low speed, or increase your productivity at higher speeds.

  • Maintenance Kit – Because money counting machines have small parts that can become contaminated with dust and debris, most money counters come equipped with small maintenance kits that allow you to clean and maintain your machine.

With so many different options and features, you can easily find a counting machine that will not only tally your bills and coins, but can help you manage your funds and detect counterfeit currency as well. 







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