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Most personal finance software reviews on the Internet cover only commercial programs that require you to pay anywhere from 20-$100. They must assume the free software is not worthy of a review. A strange assumption when in fact some of the free personal finance software is as good as or sometimes better than comparable commercial versions. These types of reviews question the thoroughness and occasionally the integrity of the people doing the reviewing.

It’s obvious after the top few personal finance software programs the rest of them are probably not worth considering because of their limited features. Further, many of the so called features that are listed in many commercial programs are nothing more than common free tools that can be accessed 24/7 on the Internet.

People buy personal finance software for the important tools and features that help them with their day-to-day tasks, not for the fluff. Usually the free software contains the tools people want without all the odds and ends that few people use. However, occasionally the learning curve may be a bit longer with the free software programs.

We believe most personal finance software reviews can be reduced to the essential basics and the ability to do the following:

  1. Reconcile accounts
  2. Track spending and pay bills
  3. Do online banking
  4. Generate cash flow reports
  5. Generate net worth statements
  6. Manage personal investing
  7. Importing and exporting information

So called features like calculators, free credit reports, loan rates, mortgages rates and the like can be easily accessed online free of charge, and usually with more options. Adding a few of them to personal finance software programs to justify better reviews and a higher price seems like a waste of everyone’s time and money.

I think testing a trial version of Quicken, MS Money, Money dance, and AceMoney will give you most of the information you need about the commercial versions of personal finance software to make a decision. Checking out a couple free personal finance software programs like GnuNash, Mint, KMyMoney and Mjrz will let you make a fair comparison. Do not trust the personal finance software reviews to always be accurate as many of them are influenced by financial gain and affiliate programs.

All personal finance software reviews should include a program like GnuNash as part of its review. How can you exclude a program that has most of the same features as the commercial versions and many they donít have? And itís free! So before you decide to spend your hard earned dollars based on the personal finance software reviews of others, download a couple of the free programs and decide for yourself.







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