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All the business software on this page is free to download and use. For more information on what free software is and who developed it, please see our page titled “What is Free Software?”

Setting up a lucrative pricing strategy before developing any product or service is essential to long-term success. This great little program will show you how profitable (or unprofitable) any products or services you are considering selling will be.

This software will quickly show you:

  • Number of sales required to show a profit.
  • Number of sales required to make $20,000, $75,000 or $100,000.
  • Beginning start-up costs for most any product or service
  • You can also test what if scenarios by changing pricing and costs.

Fill in the correct numbers, hit Calculate, and the program will do all the math calculations to show you the profitability potential of your product or service. Comes with built in templates for general product development, software development, DVD and CD products, training workshops, newsletters and subscription web sites. (This software is free to give away but cannot be resold)

Click Here to download the free Profit Analysis Software

Great spreadsheet program that will calculate how many clients you will need at a specific hourly rate to make a profit after all hours worked and expenses factored in. Provides 1-5 year projections.

Plug-in any hourly rate, number of clients, and expense amounts you like and it will do all the calculations. This can be used by consultants, accountants, attorneys, and anyone else who provides services where they bill by the hour. (This spreadsheet is free to give away but cannot be resold)

Click Here to download the free Client Profit Spreadsheet

Clearly one of the best free business software programs available and it will work with most any computer and operating system. A complete office program containing a word processor and spreadsheet program that will let you work with and edit Microsoft documents as well as reading files created with other popular software programs.

It gets better; this excellent free software also contains a graphics program, database program, and presentation program. Because this is a single software program, all functions work smoothly together from application to application. Even the help program is identical.

Click Here to download the free Open Office software.

This excellent free business software has numerous options to help individuals and businesses with their accounting needs.

Receivables and payables are incorporated together into one system. You will be able follow your customers and vendors. With double entry accounting it will help ensure your books are balanced and will let you generate an accurate profit and loss statement.

Paying bills and invoicing customers with a variety of payment terms is easy. A valuable selection of business reports is available as well as the ability to follow the depreciation of capital assets. You can also use this program for your personal finances with its other features.

Click Here to download the free GnuCash software.

OrangeHRM is a complete human resource management software that offers a wide choice of features to organize and manage people. This free hr software will let you to do the following:

-Describe company’s customers and projects
-Maintain all employee personal information
-Track employee attendance
-Record exact time that employee arrived and departed from work
-Describe pay grades and skills
-Keeps track of employees scheduled time off and leave information
-Lets employee update their information by way of the Internet
-…. And much more

A free hr software that gives project managers the ability to describe, adjust, and monitor their project reports. These reports are great for allotting certain jobs and time frames based on past employees past performances.

Click Here to download the free OrangeHRM software

E-books are the great equalizer for small business owners. They are easy and cheap to produce, easy to update, portable, printable and provide for instant distribution worldwide if you wish. When created in PDF format they are readable on any computer or operating system that has the free Adobe reader installed. E-books are a great way to sell or distribute your products and information. This great free business software will let you create as many e-books as you like.

Click Here to download the free E-Writer Pro software.

This free shopping cart software is unique. As anyone knows who has purchased one, they can get expensive to buy, maintain, and upgrade. This shopping cart will allow virtually any online business to setup and run multiple online stores with no more effort than it takes with some of the expensive proprietary carts. However, with this shopping cart there are no fees or costs at all. Thousands of online stores are currently using this free open source shopping cart.

Click Here to download the free shopping cart software.

This is a free multipurpose graphics enhancement and manipulation software. This software will let you fix digital photo imperfections like lens barrel distortion, color issues, and lighting. Also contains features for advanced photo corrections. The Gimp Works on almost any operating system.

Click Here to download the free Gimp software.

Computer based program to create and track invoices, receivables, orders, and inventory from multiple locations. Organize calls, leads, projects and documents.

Click here to download the free invoice program.

Free Antivirus and Utility Software Downloads

Now more than ever antivirus software is essential to protect your computer from attacks by the thousands of viruses roaming the Internet. There are a few free antivirus software downloads and many commercial antivirus software programs to choose from. Commercial programs will almost always cost you to download.

There is a free antivirus software download called AVG that has been available since 1992 and currently has over 75 million users. This free antivirus software download is a decent alternative to paid commercial versions if you do not want to put out the money. Antispyware and a safe search are also included with the free antivirus download version. As an option, they do have a paid version that has added benefits.

Click Here to download the free antivirus software

As you can see on this website we love free software, and free antivirus software is no exception.

However, if you have decided to buy a commercial antivirus antispyware software program, you should review what ZoneAlarm offers before you make a final decision. We believe if you are going to pay for antivirus antispyware software, the award winning ZoneAlarm is the download software of choice. Their security suite is a great program that provides the following protection:

  • Protection against viruses
  • Protection against spy ware
  • Firewall protection
  • Network protection
  • Protects browser and Internet surfing
  • 1-year free credit monitoring service

Another great benefit they offer is for an extra $10.00 you can get additional antivirus, antispyware and fire wall protection on 3 different computers.

Independent tests have shown ZoneAlarm antivirus software and security suite to be the best in the industry. You can see complete test results on their website. Take advantage of their antivirus, antispyware, fire wall trial version, it is worth a test run. The following link will let you test-drive their programs we use and recommend:

Click Here to download Zone Alarm

It’s no secret pdf has been the dominant format for sharing information and documents for many years. With this easy-to-use free pdf converter you can transform all types of information instantly to pdf with the click of your mouse. This free pdf converter can be used for both commercial and non-commercial work.

Using this free pdf converter to change documents and other information to the pdf format has the following advantages:

  • Almost any computer can view and read pdf files
  • The pdf format is an easy and efficient way to store documents
  • In most cases documents converted to pdf retain their original format
  • Using a this free pdf converter makes for a secure format to distribute documents and information

This excellent free pdf converter installs as part of your printer options and lets you create high quality pdf documents with ease.

Click Here to download the free pdf converter

A file compression program is an efficient way to shrink file’s size and at the same time keeping the file’s information safe. At some point just about everyone will need a zip software program for file compression. 7-Zip is a free zip program that will allow you to compress just about any type of file you wish. If you are e-mailing large files or just want to back-up your computer this free zip software program is must have for compressing your files.

Click Here to download the free zip software program

Wouldn’t it be nice to carry your important computer programs like your office software including all documents, e-mail program with all contacts, web browser with bookmarks on a USB drive, iPOD or other transportable hard drive? Well you can with this program. This free business software is ideal for traveling to business meetings, conferences or when giving presentations.

Click Here to download the free Portable App software.






































































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