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All the personal finance software downloads on this page are free of charge. For a comprehensive explanation about free software, who created it, and why there is no charge; visit our page on
“What is Free Software.”

GnuCash is an excellent free personal finance software program. It can be used on Windows, MacOS X and Linux operating systems. It is flexible enough to maintain all of your financial information, beginning with the very simple to the complex. It is the only totally free finance software of its kind. It is easy to understand, easy to use, and has a built in help menu.

Ok, what will this program do to help you? It will keep track of almost all your personal finances in as much detail as you like. You can track all your purchases made by credit card to show where your hard earned money is being spent.

As soon as you begin investing, GnuCash will help examine your portfolio. Should you decide to buy a home or purchase a vehicle, this free personal finance software will track all your loan payments. It also has the ability to remind you when certain transactions are due and payable.

This program contains more than 30 installed reports, as well as an income, expenses, account summaries, investment portfolio value, balance sheet, profit and loss statement, and many more. Graphic views are available in the form of bar graphs, pie charts, and scatter plots. The reports can be personalized and exported to HTML form. Don’t miss out on this excellent free personal finance software program.

Click Here to download the free GnuCash software.

Free Personal Budget Software

Our free personal budget software will let you track your income and
expenses and help you save money. Very easy to use.

Click Here to download the free budget software

Mint Personal Finance Software

This award winning web based software will help you manage your personal finances and budgeting by securely connecting to thousands of US banks and financial institutions. Separate personal and joint accounts for more accurate tracking and have notices sent to you when it is time to pay bills. Automatically gathers current information from all bank accounts, investment companies, and credit card accounts every 24 hours. Easy to understand visual reports and money saving suggestions. Use anywhere that you have Internet access.

Click Here to download the free Mint personal finance software.

KMyMoney Personal Finance Software

This is a free personal finance software program like Quicken and Microsoft Money that contains many of the top features that the top commercial ones have.

Click Here to download the free KMyMoney finance software.

This easy-to-use personal finance software and budget program is designed for people with very little knowledge about financial topics. This program will run on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X operating systems.

Click Here to download free Buddi software.

This is a free stock trends program that will notify you about buy
and sell advice from your own portfolio or the market. Flexible and

Click Here to download the free Piggy Market Squeak finance software.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to know what your stocks would look like
if the market suddenly skyrocketed or plummeted 400-600 points? Would you like to know what the Value-at-Risk had been? Are you curious to know what the marginal risk of a particular stock was? What if you could include in your database the public price information on many different stocks to analyze when convenient? This program will do this and much more.

Click Here to download the free Bean Counter stock software.

This is a free stock program that is web based. It will follow your transactions and charges for individual stock owners. It also gives each user the ability to have multiple portfolios. Stock quotes are automatically gathered by the Internet.

Click Here to download the free Stock Maniac software.

This free personal finance software program is intended for individuals and small businesses. It has a fast and easy-to-use interface with secure encryption for your financial information.


-Control numerous profiles
-Program will run on all computers if Java is installed
-Online banking
-Control expenses and your account balances
-Create reports and graphs for liabilities and assets
-Watch stock prices and track historical data
-Keep addresses, contacts, phone numbers and email

Click here to download the free Mjrz software.

This free personal finance software will forecast your cash flows. You enter regular and one-time only transactions. The program will project cash flow for any date range you choose. Detailed summaries by type of month and year including graphs.

Click here to download the free personal cash flow forecaster software.










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