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Money Saving Tips You Can Really Use!

Learn how to make the most of the money you earn by using some easy to implement money savings tips. Don’t worry; these don’t require spending all day Saturday clipping coupons – just a few adjustments that anyone can make in minutes.

  1. Don’t Dine on Friday! Not only will dining out Friday night cost more but you spend more time waiting in line or for a good table. Save time and money by taking your date out any other night of the week – or better yet – schedule an early afternoon dinner to save enough for the movie afterward.

  2. Top off the Tank before Thursday. Did you know the majority of gas stations update rates on Thursday? It’s true! Next time you are running a little low, take time to top off the tank before the Thursday price increase. With the cost of gasoline every little bit helps.

  3. Locate the Library. If it has been awhile since you have been to the public library then you are in for a real treat! Forget the shelves of dusty old book, today’s public libraries have complete collections that can keep the kids (and adults!) in your life entertained and educated at a fraction of the cost. Special afternoon and summer programs designed for young children are entertaining ways to have fun without spending much money. From puppet shows to movies there is something for everyone. Adults will enjoy the wide variety of audio books, movies and even video games…best of all its still free!

  4. Prevention Pays. Preventing health problems can lead to big savings plus it makes you feel great. You don’t need an expensive gym membership to work out – simply find your favorite park then begin a walking or jogging regiment. Pack a picnic to make it a family event; heck, you can even bring Fido along for the fun! Staying healthy and fit is a great way to save money, eliminate medical bills and avoid the cost of high deductibles.

  5. Quality over Quantity. Whether you are in the market for a new car, or a new home, make a decision to buy quality over quantity. Size does matter but not the way you might think. A bigger car often costs more in gasoline and maintenance. Likewise, a bigger home requires more maintenance, higher taxes and insurance. Focus on the square footage or right sized car for your needs then put the savings toward quality features you will enjoy for years to come.

  6. Go Green. Not only are many green initiatives environmentally friendly but they are also good for the budget. Reduce the cost of transportation and save the planet by taking public transportation once a week (or car pool with co-workers). Replace high maintenance lawns with native plants that require less water, fertilizer and attention. Upgrade the lighting throughout the house with super cool LED lights. There are dozens of ways to begin so simple select the ones that appeal to you most and soon you will be on your way to saving time, money and much more.

  7. Start Today. The most important money saving tip is to actually start – Today! Don’t delay or make excuses; instead, make it a top priority to put something back each and every week. Begin with the change in your pockets at the end of each day or schedule a garage sale to clear out the clutter. Set aside all of your spare change, tax returns, bonus or other unexpected funds to jump start your savings plan. You will be surprised to see how fast it adds up.

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