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How to Save Money on Groceries

In today’s economic times, we all want to learn how to save money on groceries, yet many of us do not know where to begin. Many families of today struggle to pay for groceries every month, and the high cost of meats and fresh foods are often the most expensive.

However, it is possible to save money on groceries – you just have to know a few tricks of the trade. With a few strategies, you can save money on groceries without denying your family delicious and nutritious meals.

If you want to learn how to save money on groceries, there are a certain number of key points that you should always remember:

  • Search the weekly grocery ads - You may have not given too much thought to those weekly coupon ads that come in your mailbox or are found in your daily newspaper; however, spending just a few minutes each week browsing these fliers can save you tremendously.  Although this may require a bit more legwork, it definitely pays off when you look at your weekly grocery savings.

  • Plan your meals around the weekly special items – One of the best ways to learn how to save money on groceries is to scan the weekly grocery advertisements and plan your meals around the sale items.

  • Plan ahead each week for your meals – There is no quicker way to waste your grocery budget than to wander the store searching for dinner ideas. Instead, take some time over the weekend to plan your dinners throughout the week so you can head to the grocery store with a list and a plan.

  • Take a peek inside your freezer or pantry before heading out to shop – Many of us usually have a number of meal ideas in our freezers and pantries, yet we forget about them when shopping for groceries each week. Before you make your weekly shopping list, head to your kitchen to find meal ideas. You’d be surprised at all the great meals that can be made from what you already have!

  • Consider warehouse stores, but don’t overbuy – Warehouse stores can be a great source for bulk shopping; however, if you don’t use it all before the food goes bad, then it is a huge waste of your money. Therefore, instead of shopping for perishable items from a warehouse store, stick to canned goods and paper products, for example.

  • Consider purchasing a small freezer – If you spot a great deal on meat, then it is almost always worth your while to buy in bulk. However, not many people can manage the large volume of meat because of the lack of room in their freezer. Instead, consider investing in a small, upright freezer for your basement or garage. You can often find used freezers at garage sales and online auction sites for much less than new freezers.

  • Keep several items in your pantry and freezer that you can use to whip up a quick meal – Often times, many of us break our grocery budgets because we can’t bear to make a meal on a busy weekday night and instead head to the take-out menus. However, if you have simple meals ideas already in place for those hectic nights then you will be far less likely to fall victim to the midweek takeout splurge.

Saving money on groceries simply requires a planning and foresight.  With these easy tips, your stomach and wallet will thank you

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